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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


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Dar-ul-Muslimeen Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre



Heart Cry from Morogoro, Tanzania


The Orphans Need your Help!

Nobody chooses to be orphaned, every child deserves a chance for a decent living!

Dar-ul-Muslimeen Orphanage is based on the premise that every child deserves the promise of a future. Every child deserves to be provided with a safe environment, adequate food, shelter, and health services, a sound education, and a supportive family system. Yet for many children, these basic needs and rights are denied or threatened due to poverty, disease, prejudice, natural disaster, or political unrest.

Thus Dar-ul-Muslimeen Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre came into existence and was officially registered in October, 1995 after it began its philanthropic work in June, 1995 by adopting 8 needy orphans of African origin.

In Aug 2000, we acquired our own land for building a proper home for the orphans and this was completed in Nov 2001.

Dar-ul-Muslimeen Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre is located in Morogoro, at Vibandani Area, Plot Nos. 278, block Y. The Orphanage is currently running with 30 needy orphans aged 7 years onwards. All the children are provided with basic necessities such as food, clothing and medicine, and attend primary/secondary school.

Two of our children with whom we began the orphanage have now completed their primary education and are attending their first year at secondary level.

  Below : Living room for relaxation.

Our aim is to provide the boys with a good secular education as well as to build a strong religious, moral and spiritual foundation which will enable them to be independent and free-thinking practicing Muslims.

Our distant future plan includes securing more land and extending the existing facilities to include a girls’ wing and a section for abandoned or orphaned newly born babies - Insha Allah. A ‘Maalim’ from the Ahlul-Bait Centre is currently in charge of all the children and he ensures an Islamic environment at the orphanage.

 The Dinning room                                            Front View of the Orphanage   

 Below: Side view with the enclosed wall and iron gate (Left). A view of the orphanage before the construction of an enclosing security wall (right). 

Below : A hen house constructed nearby where the children keep ducks and hens and each child is allocated a garden patch for vegetation.

 A Nursery Class recently commenced with more than 30 children aged 5 to 7 years. They are taught English, Mathematics, Writing Skills and Basic Islamic Knowledge according to their ages. There has been a tremendous response from the neighborhood in support of the Nursery class. Additional classes would be a much needed progress in the impoverished area.

A skilled and qualified Nursery teacher  is presently working with us. Six children from the vicinity receive free education and this privileged goes to those children who are deprived, single-parented and poor. A long list awaits...Fee per month is T.Sh 1500/= stationeries and the ‘morning-uji’ is provided free to all.

 The Madrassah :

 Madrassah Classes held at the orphanage are also attended by neighboring children. Evening classes are held regularly for men and women to impart Islamic knowledge and to learn the Quran.

A plan for having morning classes for women whereby they can learn beneficial subjects such as sewing, computer and English language. This will uplift their social and economic status in their community. These classes will be held when the madrassah hall is not in use. The centre has a great potential for promoting Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w).

Food and clothing are often distributed to the less fortunate in the neighborhood and Iftar Programs are regularly held during the month of Ramadhan.

A detailed budget and computerized accounts together with the children’s profile are available on request. We invite you for a visit and with your valued suggestions; there will always be room for improvement.

The good news is that you can also adopt an orphan and participate in helping an orphan. Monthly maintenance cost per child is only US$ 40/-. With that money you can provide an orphan with shelter, food, education and peace.

To help an orphan, please click here.




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