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When past Chairman Ebrahim Hussein Sheriff went to see Ayatullah Uzama Seyid Muhsin Al-Hakim A.M. in early Sixtys: Ayatullah asked Haji Ebrahim "How long are you people in East Africa?" to which Haji-Ebrahim replied "About a hundred years." "How many Africans have accepted Mazhabe Haq? Was the next question. To which the reply was "none". Immediately Agha asked Haji Ebrahim that "Will these people not complain on Youmal Hashr that you knew the right path, yet you did not show them?"


It was therefore decided in the meeting of Supreme Council of the Federation of K.S.I Jamaats of Africa at Tanga to start the mission and ultimately BILAL MUSLIM MISSION was established in 1968 and a sister organization BILAL MUSLIM MISSION OF KENYA was incorporated in 1971 and Allamah Seyid Akhtar Rizvi became Chief Missionary.






It is not possible, within this limited scope, to enumerate all the activities of the Bilal Mission of Tanzania in detail.


The Mission publishes two bi-monthly magazines: Sauti ya Bilal (The Voice of Bilal) to cater for the Swahili readers; and 'The light' which now enjoys global readership.


To its credit the Mission has more than 108 (57 English, 51 Swahili) books written on a wide range of Islamic topics.


It has 33 branches in Tanzania, which are run by the African Muballigheen and teachers trained at our Hawza at Temeke. Many Muballigheen and teachers trained by us are serving in several centres in Kenya. The Mission runs successful Correspondence Courses in English and Swahili, which have substantial enrolment of students from as far as West Africa, South America and Australia.


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Dodoma Branch


Bilal Muslim Mission Dodoma Branch has three centers, where different religious activities are conducted, including Religious Classes for Children and Ladies, Majlis and Dua Programmes.

The three centers are: Bilal Area 'C', Bilal Kizota and Bilal Chinangali, all of which are located in the Dodoma Municipality.   




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